From Left to Right: Philip Mai, Jenna Jacobson, Priya Kumar, Anatoliy Gruzd

On June 23, 2017, four members of our team (Anatoliy Gruzd, Jenna Jacobson, Priya Kumar, Philip Mai) organized a panel on “The Ethics of Social Media Data Use for Research” at the Data Power Conference at Carleton University in Ottawa. 

As more people join and contribute their information to various social media platforms, much of this user-generated and system-generated data are becoming readily available to third parties to mine for both commercial and academic purposes. To balance people’s individual rights to exercise autonomy over “their” data and the societal benefits of using and analyzing the data for insights, there is an urgent need for a social media data usage framework. Such a framework can help navigate complex and competing interests associated with using social media for research, such as privacy, security, and intellectual property rights.

The panelists discussed various aspects of a new framework proposed by Dr. Gruzd called “Social Media Data Stewardship” that encompasses the complete life cycle of social media data including collection, storage, analysis, publication, reuse, sharing, and preservation. The research team presented findings from some of our recent empirical studies on users’ social media privacy expectations. You can find our slidedeck below: 


The Ethics of Social Media Data Use for Research
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