The Social Media Research Toolkit is a list of 50+ social media research tools curated by researchers at the Social Media Lab at Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University.  The kit features tools that have been used in peer-reviewed academic studies. Many tools are free to use and require little or no programming. Some are simple data collectors such as tweepy, a Python library for collecting tweets and others are a bit more robust such as Netlytic, a multi-platform (Twitter, YouTube, RSS Feed, or text/csv file) data collector and analyzer, developed by our lab. All of the tools are confirmed available and operational.

(*Newly added in 2019)

Last updated February 2020

Num. of PublicationsTool NameDescriptionProgramming RequiredPlatformsTool TypeAnalysis TypeMisc. FeaturesExportPricingSystem Requirements

GephiGephi is the leading visualization and exploration software for all kinds of graphs and networks. Gephi is open-source and free.XN/A (Must import datasets)Analysis + VisualizationNetwork DiscoveryExploratory Data Analysis, Link Analysis and Biological Network analysis.CSVFreeWindows, Mac OS X and Linux.
On Windows Java 7 or 8 is required
Hardware requirements: 500 MHz CPU + 128 MB RAM + OpenGL 1.2
11,800HootsuiteEnhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard.XInstagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, PinterestData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationN/AReal-time Analysis, Performance Analysis (Follower Growth, Followers Report).PCSV, .PDFFree + PayWeb Accessible
6,440 NodeXLNodeXL is a free, open-source template for Microsoft® Excel® 2007 and 2010 that makes it easy to explore network graphs. With NodeXL, you can enter a network edge list in a worksheet, click a button and see your graph, all in the familiar environment of the Excel window.XTwitter, Youtube, Flickr, VimeoAnalysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery
+ Text Analysis
N/AGraphML, Pajek, UCINet, and matrix formats.JPG, .PNG, .EPS, etc.FreeWindows XP, Vista, 7 or 8; Office 2007 or 2010 or 2013
2,230 Meltwater Social (Sysomos)Offering a comprehensive set of solutions that support the full spectrum of your advanced social analytics and management needs.XTwitter, Blogger, Forum, Wikipedia, Video, DownloadData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork DiscoveryBrand/Trend AnalysisExcel CSV, PDF and JPEGs.PayWeb Accessible
974 GnipGnip is Twitter’s enterprise API platform, delivering real-time and historical social data to power your business.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisContent AnalysisJSON, .CSVPayWeb Accessible
939 DatasiftAnalyze trends and topics from the world’s largest source of public opinion.XBitly, Blogs, Boards, DailyMotion, Disqus, Facebook, IMBd, Intense Debate, LexisNexis, NewsCred, Reddit, Topix, Tumblr, Videos, Wikipedia, Wordpress, YouTubeData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationText AnalysisContext Analysis, Sentiment Analysis.CSV, JSONPayWeb Accessible
690 IssuecrawlerThe IssueCrawler is web network location and visualization software.XInternetData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork DiscoveryCo-link Analysis, Snowball Analysis, Inter-actor Analysis.XML, Raw DataUnknown
2,230 Brandwatch / Crimson HexagonGet deep insights into consumer opinion on any topic from across the social web.XVideo, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Forum, Download, ReviewData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisDemographics, Trends Detection, Geo-Location Analysis, Marketing Measurements, Competitor AnalysisExcel, .CSV, .JPG, .PNGPayWeb Accessible
1,820 tweepyAn easy-to-use Python library for accessing the Twitter API.PythonTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AUnknownFreePython 2.6 and 2.7, 3.3, 3.4 & 3.5
166 streamRThis package provides a series of functions that allow R users to access Twitter's filter, sample, and user streams, and to parse the output into data frames.RTwitterData CollectionN/AN/A.TXTFreeUnknown
760 TwitonomyBrowse, search, filter and get insights on the people you follow and those who follow you.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis+ VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text Analysis.CSV, .PDFFree + PayWeb Accessible
447 DigmindSocial media analytics for businesses.XTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Forum, ReviewData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork DiscoveryCompetitor Analysis Analysis, Trend Analysis, Real-time Analysis, Intelligence Crawlers.PDF, .PPT, .XLS, .JPGPayWeb Accessible
300 yourTwapperKeeperSimple, easy way to archive data from Twitter directly on your serverXTwitterData CollectionNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisN/AHTML, RSS, EXCEL, and JSONFreeVirtual server with an IP address running APACHE / PHP / MYSQL
419 DiscoverTextDiscoverText is a cloud-based,
collaborative text analytics solution. With dozens of powerful text mining features, the DiscoverText software _x0003_solution provides tools to quickly and accurately make better decisions.
XTwitter, Blogger, Disqus, EmailData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationText AnalysisN/AUnknownFree + PayWeb Accessible
367 Webometric AnalystWebometric Analyst analyses the web impact of documents or web sites and creates network diagrams of collections of web sites, as well as creating networks and time series analysis of social web sites (e.g., YouTube, Twitter) and some specialist web sites (e.g., Google Books, Mendeley). It automatically submits queries to search engines and other sites and process the results.XTwitter, Youtube, FlickrData Collection + AnalysisNetwork DiscoveryN/APajekFreeWindows only
488 NetlyticNetlytic is a cloud-based text and social networks analyzer that can automatically summarize and discover social networks from online conversations on social media sites.XTwitter, YouTube, RSS Feed, or text/csv fileData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisGeo-Location Analysis, Category (Topical) Analysis.CSV,Pajek, .PNG, UCINETFree + PayWeb Accessible
260 python-twitterA Python wrapper around the Twitter API.PythonTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AUnknownFreePython versions from 2.7+ and Python 3.
124 twurlTwurl is like curl, but tailored specifically for the Twitter API.RubyGemsTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AUnknownFreeUnknown
185 Tweet ArchivistTweet Archivist collects data directly from Twitter based on the user’s search terms. The user can also use this tool analyze the data to show information such as top users, words, URLs, hashtags, and more. Finally, users can download the dataset as either an Excel or PDF file.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationN/A.CSV, .PDFPayWeb Accessible
100 vtrackerThe most complete tool for monitoring social networksXTwitterData Collection + AnalysisNetwork DiscoveryMonitoring (Brand/Competitor Analysis)UnknownPayWeb Accessible
218 twythonTwython is the premier Python library providing an easy (and up-to-date) way to access Twitter data.PythonTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AUnknownFreePython 2.6+ and Python 3
128 OutWit HubOutWit Hub explores the depths of the Web for you, automatically collecting and organizing data and media from online sources.XInternet SourcesData CollectionN/AN/A.CSV, .TXT, .HTML, Excel or SQL databasesPayFirefox
143 MozdehA free Windows program for keyword, time series, sentiment, gender and content analyses of tweets.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisDemographic Analysis, Time-Series Analysis, Content Analysis, Trend Detection.TXTFreeWindows (Desktop advisable)
37 AffinioAffinio is the marketing intelligence platform that is changing the way you relate to your consumers.XTwitter, PinterestData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork DiscoveryContent Analysis, Competitor Analysis.CSVPayWeb Accessible
449 FacepagerFacepager was designed for fetching public available data from Twitter and other JSON-based API.XTwitterData CollectionN/AN/A.CSVFreeWindows and Mac OS X
106 140devTwitter API ConsoleJavaTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AUnknownFreeMySQL database must be running and configured for localhost access, and PHP must be installed.
85 is a Twitter analytics application that gives you rich insights about any public Twitter profile. We gather near real-time data about topics, mentions, hashtags, followers, location and more!XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationText AnalysisTweet StatisticsxFreeWeb Accessible
79 TextextureTextexture visualizes any text as a network and enables the user to use this interactive visualization to read through the text in a non-linear fashion. Using the network one can see the most relevant topics inside the text organized as distinctively colored clusters of nodes, their relationship to one another, and the most influential words inside the text, responsible for topic shifts. This way the user can navigate right into the topic of the text that is the most relevant to them and use the bigger (more influential) nodes to shift into another subject.XYoutube, TextData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisN/A.GEFXFreeWeb Accessible
52 HosebirdA Java HTTP client for consuming Twitter's Streaming APIJavaTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AxFreeUnknown
125 followthehashtagPremium Twitter Intelligence and Analytics. Influence, geo content analysis tool, 30 charts, dozens of KPI´s, historical data, export to excel, PDF reports.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationText AnalysisGeo-Location Analysis, Picture Analysis, Gender Analysis and Content Analysis.CSV, .PDFPayWeb Accessible
90 ChorusChorus is a free, evolving, data harvesting and visual analytics suite designed to facilitate and enable social science research using Twitter data.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisN/AExcelFreeWindows only
49 VOSON/UberlinkVOSON is a web application built from the ground up for the collection and analysis of hyperlink network data. VOSON allows the user to perform web mining, text analysis, dataset manipulation and visualisation, and social network analysis (SNA) within an integrated environment.XTwitter, RedditData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisWeb Mining.CSV,GraphML, PajekFree + PayFirefox, Chrome and Safari (including mobile Safari on the iPad)
39 Info ExtractorExtracts relevant information such as title, tags, comments and view count from various sources like blogs, YouTube, and Wikipedia in a format that is easily exported.XYoutube, Wikipedia, Blogger, Huffington PostData CollectionN/AN/A.CSV, Text, .XMLFreeWeb Accessible
58twarctwarc is a command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter JSON dataPythonTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AJSONFreePython 2 or 3
24 iScience MapsiScience Maps is a free Web service for scientists interested in using Twitter content in their research. This service allows one to assess the effects of specific events (e.g. a natural catastrophe or a political election) as they are voiced on Twitter. For example, make comparisons between cities, regions or countries for terms or combinations of terms and monitor their evolution in the course of an event.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationN/AGeo-Location Analysis.CSV, .XLSFreeWeb Accessible
102 Social Feed ManagerSocial Feed Manager is open source software for libraries, archives, cultural heritage institutions and research organizations. It empowers those communities’ researchers, faculty, students, and archivists to define and create collections of data from social media platforms. Social Feed Manager will harvest from Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Sina Weibo and is extensible for other platforms. In addition to collecting data from those platforms’ APIs, it will collect linked web pages and media.XTwitter, Flickr, Sina WeiboData CollectionN/ACan also collect related web resources. Supports multiple users..CSV, Excel, .JSONFree (open source)Ubuntu 12.04 LTS server
50 SociovizSocioViz is a social media analytics platform powered by Social Network Analysis metrics.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork DiscoveryN/A.GDFFreeWeb Accessible
4 NaoyunNaoyun helps to vizualize live twitter activity. Naoyun is a software that create a bridge between Twitter and Gephi with their own Stream API.XTwitterData Collection + AnalysisNetwork DiscoveryUnknownFree
59Visibrain FocusVisibrain is a media monitoring tool for PR and communications professionals, used for reputation management, PR crisis prevention, and detecting influencers and trends. Visibrain’s unique techxlogy brings together online press, blogs and social media, capturing all online activity around a brand, in real time, xise free.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis+ VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisCrisis Prevention and Management, Brand Analysis, Competitor AnalysisUnknownPayWeb Accessible
6 TwitterGooglesA Python 3.3 adaptation of the PHP program "Twitter Zombie", originally developed for the Twitter Search API version 1.0.PythonTwitterData CollectionN/AN/AJSONFreePython 3.3
86 YouTube Data ToolsThis is a collection of simple tools for extracting data from the YouTube platform via the YouTube API v3.XYoutubeData CollectionN/AN/A.GDF, .TSVFreeWeb Accessible
4 tStreamingArchivertStreamingArchiver is a set of programs for archiving Tweets using the Twitter API and moving them into a mySQL database.JavaTwitterData CollectionN/AN/A.TXTFreeUnknown
1 Twitter Stream DownloaderA simple Python script to download tweets from the Twitter streaming API.PythonTwitter, LinkedInData CollectionN/AN/AUnknownFreeTweepy
178 DMI-TCAT* DMI-TCAT allows one to retrieve and collect tweets from Twitter and to analyze them in various waysXTwitterData collection + Analysis + Visualization
Network Discovery + Text Analysis
Reproducible data capture + analysis.CSV, .GEXF
Debian, Ubuntu
23 BU-TCAT* examine Tweets off the STREAM API and then process the data for network analysis and visualization in GephiXTwitterData collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork discovery + Text AnalysisOngoing searches without expiration time.CSVFreeWeb Accessible
67Nvivo/Ncapture* a place to organize, store and retrieve your data so you can work more efficiently, save time and rigorously back up findings with evidenceXN/AData analysis + VisualizationText analysisN/A.DOCX, .XLSL, .QDCPayWindows, Mac
8 Webometrics* program for altmetrics, citation analysis, social web analysis and webometrics, including link analysisX Youtube, Twitter, FlickrData Collection + AnalysisNetwork discovery + Text AnalysisN/AN/AFreeWindows
3 Pattern* web mining module for the Python programming language with tools for data mining natural language processing machine learning , network analysis and visualization.PythonGoogle, Gmail, Bing, Twitter, Wikipedia, Wiktionary, DBPediaData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationText AnalysisN/AN/AFreePython 2.5+ on Windows, Mac, Linux
13 Twecoll*Twitter command-line tool written in Python, can be used to retrieve data from Twitter and purge likes (its only data-altering feature)PythonTwitterData CollectionNetwork DiscoveryN/AN/AFreePython 2.7+
6 TwitterGoggles*This project is built for the Twitter Search API version 1.1PythonTwitterData CollectionNetwork DiscoveryN/AN/AFreePython 3.3
16 Digitalfootprints*collect closed Facebook data with user consent; retrieve data from selected profiles, view stats and search for specific data / content, sort and filter contentXFacebookData Collection + AnalysisNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisN/AN/AFreeWeb Accessible
250 Infoextractor*A framework to extract relevant information from various sources such as blogs, YouTube, and TwitterXYoutube, Wikipedia, BlogCatalogData CollectionNetwork DiscoveryN/A.CVS, TEXT, .XMLFreeWeb Accessible
396 Audiense*Utilise social data to understand the audiences that matter most.We empower organisations to intelligently engage individuals at an unprecedented scale
XFacebook, Instagram, TwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisIdentify audience, gain insights (demographics, interests, online habits, purchase behaviour, media consumption, influencers).PDF, .PPT, .CSV, .XLSPayN/A
19 Echosec*Helping Companies Identify Threats from Social Media And Darknet DataXN/AData collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisAccess to raw content within search parameters, 24/7 monitoring / notifications, up to date visualizationN/APayN/A
19 Pulsar Social*Pulsar helps you find the story in the data by bringing all your digital audiences into one place and leveraging the power of AI and data visualizationXTwitter, Facebook, Youtube, InstagramData collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisLongitudinal data, Unlimited channels, Native analytics, audience insights, content performanceN/APayN/A
34 Trendsmap*Twitter trending hashtags and topics from anywhere in the world; Analyse and visualise any topic, hashtag, word, user, or tweet in detail.XTwitterData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text analysisInteractive map, tweet selection controls, detailed stats, detailed account analyticsN/APayN/A
751 TAGS*Google Sheet template which lets you setup and run automated collection of search results from Twitter
XTwitterData CollectionNetwork DiscoveryN/AN/AFreeN/A
7 SnoopSnoo*Reddit user and Subreddit analyticsXRedditData Collection + AnalysisNetwork Discovery + Text AnalysisData visualization of user activityN/AFreeWeb Accessible
260 Crowdtangle*CrowdTangle is the leading content discovery and social monitoring platform for publishers and brands.XFacebook, Instagram, RedditData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Text analysisReal-time dashboards, custom notifications, big screen visualizationsN/APayWeb Accessible
CommunalyticCommunalytic is a new research tool designed to collect, analyze and visualize public data from Reddit.XRedditData Collection + Analysis + VisualizationNetwork Discovery + Toxicity analysis.CSV, .GraphMLFree + PayWeb Accessible

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